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    Before you can Google it, new knowledge is discovered here.
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    One common purpose makes possible a whole lot of love.
  • World of Good
    A tiny fishing village’s story can unlock the well-being of humanity.
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    Imagine a future with one abundant natural resource unleashed.
  • World of Good
    Creating momentum for a culture of health in 20 years.

If we do what we do well, you'll create a world of good.

Castalia brings forth the genius of organizations. As creative director to the C-suite, we’re geared for moments of transformation to reinvigorate mission, re-imagine vision, shift culture, and make branding an act of becoming. We connect the ethos and spirit of an organization to a greater good.


Part jazz band, part improv troupe.

Richard Schooley

Richard is a positive provocateur — an unusual thinker and creative force. He is as adept with creating vision as experiences that move people. Leaders trust that he will come to know the soul of their organization to create something transformative.

Robert Prevost

Writers make good strategists and Robert is both. He brings the fullness of big brand experience with a listener’s ear for story and a marketer’s mind for strategy. It may be the musician in him, however, that senses what the experience should be.

Chris Everett

Chris may be best described as a visual strategist, but words fail to capture the full expression of what he brings to our work. He is a thoughtful and thought-provoking partner with a virtuoso talent for creating true identity.

John Gerber

John is a natural design thinker. He’s a fine artist, graphic designer, photographer, and force of imagination. He bridges the visual, digital, and experiential worlds to create content that attracts engagement and inspires the desired change.

Thom Senzee

Where are the lines between writer, journalist, blogger, and storyteller? Difficult to say, but easy to see when one person blurs those lines so brilliantly. Thom listens with his full heart and follows an inquisitive mind to find and reveal the story.


Digital native. Fullbright Scholar. There are many ways to describe Esther, all of which she draws on to create experiences in the physical and digital worlds. She’s as likely to translate trends from international fashion as her native Panama.

david crowell

David brings the kind of structure one can expect from a yogi—rhythm, form, balance—who also brings the discipline of project management and just plain good support. But in truth, it’s his spirit and laugh that make work a joy.

Patrick O’Brien

Conversation and collaboration began between Patrick and Richard more than 22 years ago and continues to this day. Patrick brings an uncommon wisdom to every encounter and a powerful intuition to every facilitation.

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We are geeks and wonks of social movement theory, design thinking, and the power of story. What may be most unique about us, however, is our discovery process. It will feel like self-discovery. A cathartic inspiration for your organization’s journey.

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